About Me

Mawhyah Milton was born in 1989 in an apartment in Bronx, NY. She was adopted by her maternal grandparents along with her four siblings and raised in Birmingham, AL. In her childhood, she was immersed in Black southern culture in food, community, language, and music. She was always taught about her grandparents’ lives growing up in a segregated Birmingham, and their eventual migration to New York. She shared a passion and talent for art with her grandfather and always pursued it as a way of connecting with others.

In college while attending Savannah College of Art and Design, she spent 5 years trying to find her artistic “voice” and illustration style. She tried to shape her style around others and what she thought was popular. It wasn’t until she joined the AmeriCorps after graduating that she began to learn more in depth about the intersections of oppressive systems and combine what she learned with her own story and the voices of her family and those who look like her. As she became more confident in her voice and self, her use of color became more vibrant and bolder. Now she uses her art to contribute to the zeitgeist by creating imagery about human, social and political issues.

Mawhyah currently lives in New York, NY.